Industry Solutions


Give your hotel staff some relief and increase guest satisfaction with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (EPTT). Gone are the days when staff must use multiple tools and devices to communicate quickly and efficiently. With AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk, your staff can use one platform and one set of devices, together with existing systems and technology investments–to save time, reduce communication expenses, and communicate across all levels at lightning speed.

Industry Benefits

  • Integrate AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with existing Wi-Fi, IP-enabled PBX, and mobile radio (PMR/LMR) systems.
  • Interface with market leading rapid-response dispatch solutions, property management apps, and guest relation apps.
  • Update contact and group lists in near-real time over the air with no interruptions.
  • Allow managers to override AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk calls so they can communicate time-sensitive messages to teams.


Meet all the needs of your production-critical communications with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk is an IP-based, end-to-end communications platform that offers sub-second performance, a broad portfolio of compatible smartphone and rugged devices, integration with an array of advanced mobility apps, and expansive coverage on the nation’s fastest and now most reliable 4G LTE network.* Faster, reliable communications, consolidated on a single device, on a single platform save you time, reduce costs, and simplify operations.

Industry Benefits

  • Talk and use productivity apps simultaneously.
  • Audit, store, and record maintenance reports for compliance and legal use.
  • Interface with work order management, asset management, and supply chain apps.
  • Choose from a broad selection of rugged phones mapped to the specific needs of your workers.


Communicate and coordinate instantly to avoid delay and rising labor costs with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk supports the communications needs of everyone in your industry from your foreman, project manager, and superintendent to architects, engineers, and subcontractors. On a single platform and set of devices, AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk leverages your existing systems and technology investments, and works with your PBX and WiFi network. Now you can access blueprints, project timelines, forms, and other critical project data you need to run your business smoothly from almost any location with one mobile device.

Industry Benefits

  • Allow foremen and superintendents to override Enhanced Push-to-Talk calls to communicate important, time-sensitive messages to their teams.
  • Interface with job scheduling, time tracking, and supply chain apps.
  • Use the presence status indicators and GPS to see who is available and locate workers.


Let AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk help make your on-the-move workforce more efficient by providing the valuable tools you need to get the right information at the right time. Increase driver productivity and customer satisfaction, decrease vehicle wear and tear, and lower fuel costs, when you communicate instantly with your drivers and field service teams using AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. The average push-to-talk conversation lasts less than 40 seconds compared to a 3-minute average mobile phone call. AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk provides superior push-to-talk functionality, and supports your communications and dispatch needs on a single platform and set of devices. AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk leverages your existing systems and technology investments, and works with your PBX and WiFi networks. Consolidating the features of multiple devices into a single device on a scalable platform can help save you money and simplify operations.

Industry Benefits

  • Interface with dispatch, fleet, and asset management solutions apps.
  • Use presence status indicators and GPS to know your fleet’s location, where they should be, and the best route to get them there.
  • Choose devices equipped with one-push microphones for on-the-road use that are fully compliant with federal mandates.

See how AT&T Enhanced PTT can streamline your business to keep it running smart, fast, and lean.