Integrated Dispatch

Take the next step in mobile productivity with a powerful dispatch tool that works seamlessly with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with Integrated Dispatch provides a robust Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solution integrated with the Enhanced Push-to-Talk real-time group communications solution. Now you can manage your mobile users easier than ever before.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with Integrated Dispatch Features

  • Allow your dispatchers to see the location of Enhanced Push-to-Talk users on a map on their PC, enabling efficient work assignments.
  • Communicate quickly and easily with Talk Group Scanning, Personal or Group Alerts, and Talker ID.
  • Enable dispatchers to record conversations, events, and location history from one centralized location.
  • Talk with large groups, up to 250 talk groups and 1000 total contacts.
  • View the availability of your Enhanced Push-to-Talk contacts in real time using Wi-Fi networks globally.
  • Let users know about incoming Enhanced Push-to-Talk calls, even when they’re on calls or their phones are in silent mode.
  • Share calls between your organization’s group and others as needed.
  • Use with a variety of compatible devices including various iOS®, Android, and BlackBerry®devices.

More AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk Features

  • Make and receive Enhanced Push-to-Talk calls using compatible Wi-Fi networks.
  • A broad selection of Enhanced Push-to-Talk accessories.
  • Sort your contacts list by availability, and hide offline contacts.
  • Enjoy improved performance from network optimizations.
  • Make calls and send data using enterprise-grade encryption.
  • Keep your calls private with the Privacy Mode feature.

Potential Benefits

  • Carry one device for all your communication needs.
  • Quickly track down workers to assign tasks.
  • Improve communications across organizations and lower costs.