Mobility Solutions Are A Driving Force For Five-Star Service

Mobility Solutions Are A Driving Force For Five-Star Service

About The Client

A luxury car service that began with just two vehicles has grown into a thriving, five-star transportation service, offering a fleet of luxury vehicles.


During the busy holiday season, the company experienced significant lag time – and even periods of downtime – with its former push-to-talk service, so they moved quickly to make a change. With over 200 reservations a day, lost calls meant compromised service and lost revenue.

To deliver a premium white-glove service that is at the core of its business philosophy, the company needed nearly-instant and highly-reliable communications for its dispatchers and drivers. The company wanted to help its drivers serve clients even better by transparently integrating mobility communications into their daily routines.


AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (Enhanced PTT) with Integrated Dispatch not only helped improve their connectivity issue but also gave them a foundation to further enhance their client services. Dispatchers can now communicate easily with drivers, offering the quick exchange of information and greater control over productivity.

Administrators can also view their Enhanced PTT users on a map and send and receive individual or group calls – all from the dispatch location. They can effectively manage day-to-day dispatch operations and rapidly respond to incidents, urgent situations, and customer requests.

Help increase productivity among dispersed workforce with AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk. Together with compatible devices, this service allows dependable one-to-one or one-to-many voice connectivity over both Wi-Fi hotspots and the AT&T network.

The Mobility Advantage

To streamline mobile communications, each driver is given a tablet to serve all voice, data, push-to-talk, and messaging needs. When drivers can use the tablet to collect payments and transmit driver logs back to the main office via a seamless connection.

When drivers can instantly communicate with dispatchers, errors are minimized and time is saved. And saving time, even a few minutes per trip can mean big gains in productivity.

Time is money, and mobile devices can help your workforce perform their jobs quicker and more accurately, communicate more easily, and better respond to customer needs.

See how AT&T Enhanced PTT can streamline your business to keep it running smart, fast, and lean.

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