Motorola Two-Way Radio Sales and Service, New York Tri-State Area

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Motorola Two-Way Radio Sales
and Service, New York Tri-State Area

Toll-Free: 877-312-3880

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Private Security

Two-Way Radios for Security Guards

Motorola Two-Way Radios for Security Companies the New York Metro Area

ERR Mobility specializes in providing two-way radio solutions for private security companies in New York’s five boroughs. We sell all of the latest Motorola Commercial and Professional two-way radios. We also have an extensive rental fleet available with just a few hours notice.

Revolutionizing Communication Solutions for Private Security Companies

In the private security industry, seamless and reliable communication is the linchpin of operational efficiency and client satisfaction. ERR Mobility, a leading provider of cutting-edge communication solutions, has been at the forefront of transforming the way private security firms operate across the Tri-State area. With a commitment to reliability, effectiveness, and client security, ERR Mobility has become the trusted partner for private security businesses seeking to streamline their communication needs.

Tailored Solutions for Private Security Firms

ERR Mobility recognizes that private security firms face unique challenges when it comes to communication. The need for immediate response to security threats, coordination among security personnel, and the safeguarding of client assets necessitate robust communication systems. Our solutions are designed to meet these specific demands, offering a range of benefits designed for the private security industry.

Our Solutions Include:

Rugged Portable Two-Way Radios

We offer a large selection of Motorola Solutions commercial and business portable two-way radios.

Body-Worn Cameras

Security guards can be in control of every situation with Motorola body-worn cameras – no matter how or where they work—designed for the rigors of the job with full-shift recording, multiple ways to connect, and intuitive controls.

Robust Accessories

We offer enhanced on-site and area-wide two-way radio coverage to suit your requirements.

Enhanced Coverage

We offer enhanced two-way radio coverage on the WAVE PTX network.

Partner with ERR Mobility

By partnering with ERR Mobility, private security firms gain a competitive edge in the industry. Our communication solutions empower you to enhance operational efficiency, respond swiftly to security threats, and ensure the safety of clients and assets. Whether you specialize in executive protection, event security, or a wide range of security services, ERR Mobility’s communication solutions ensure that you are always connected and prepared.


Find the Right Communication Solution for Your Business

ERR Mobility has over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry. We will find the best solution for your company’s needs at an affordable price.