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Motorola Two-Way Radio Sales
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Warehouse and Logistics

Two-Way Radios for Warehouses

Two-Way Radio Solutions for Warehouse and Logistics Companies in New Jersey and New York

ERR Mobility, a Motorola Solutions Channel Partner, is a leader in providing communication solutions warehouse and logistics companies in New Jersey, and New York.

Revolutionizing Communication Solutions for Warehouse and Logistics

ERR Mobility understands the unique communication challenges faced by warehouse and logistics companies. Coordinating inventory, managing warehouse staff, and ensuring timely shipments require robust communication systems that can adapt to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to address these specific demands, offering a range of benefits tailored explicitly for warehouse and logistics operations.

Featured Radios

When you connect every worker, you streamline and automate your processes, better manage risk and respond to customers quickly

From the line to the loading dock, our multi-purpose two-way radios, accessories, and industry-leading applications ensure teams can communicate clearly and reliably. Business-critical applications are designed to streamline production and distribution in noisy, fast-paced environments.

You can run warehouse operations safely and seamlessly while meeting the most demanding deadlines with a communication solution adapted to your needs.


The new MOTOTRBO R7 two-way radio has arrived! When communication is critical, clarity is essential. With exceptional noise-canceling, loudness, and voice clarity, your team will never miss a conversation or mishear an instruction.

Built to last and ready to connect your team, MOTOTRBO R7 is designed to perfectly meet the needs of your business. From busy schools and hospitals to loud warehouses and event venues, your team can stay focused on the task ahead and help you meet deadlines without jeopardizing safety.


Connect with efficiency. The XPR 3500e delivers analog and digital voice capabilities, with support for basic systems and a feature-set geared to maximum workplace efficiency – including Wi-Fi for remote radio management and Bluetooth 4.0 (please check for availability). With excellent range and impressive battery life, these radios deliver cost-effective connectivity.


The affordable Motorola CP100d radios offer all the benefits of digital technology – up to 35% longer talk-time, twice the voice capacity in a 12.5 kHz licensed channel, wider radio coverage, and superior audio. In digital mode, your MOTOTRBO radio provides clearer voice communications throughout the coverage area than analog radios, rejecting static and background noise.

The CP100d Series is easy to use and makes it easy to migrate from analog to digital. Your radio users can operate and communicate on their new digital radios on the job, as your business transitions to digital technology. Accessory compatibility ensures you can reuse your inventory of battery, antennas, and chargers, further protecting your investments.

Models Available

  • Motorola CP100d 16 Channel Non-Display Model
  • Motorola CP100d 160 Channel Display Model

Partnering with ERR Mobility

Our radio solutions empower you to enhance operational efficiency, improve inventory management, and provide top-quality logistics services. Whether you are a local warehouse, a regional distribution center, or a nationwide logistics network, ERR Mobility’s communication solutions ensure that you are always connected and ready to optimize your warehouse and logistics operations.

In the warehouse and logistics sector, where communication, efficiency, and customer satisfaction are paramount, choosing ERR Mobility means choosing reliability, innovation, and excellence in communication. Contact us today to explore how our tailored solutions can transform your warehouse and logistics operations and help you achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction across your services

Find the Right Communication Solution for Your Business

ERR Mobility has over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry. We will find the best solution for your company’s needs at an affordable price.