Medical Transportation Success Story

Medical Transportation Success Story

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk helps transportation company provide reliable service

About The Company

A transportation company that drives Medicare patients to-and-from medical appointments in the Chicago metropolitan area prides itself on offering prompt trips and compassionate service.

For Medicare patients who may no longer drive, getting to doctors’ offices, clinics or hospitals can be stressful. Patients may be concerned that, even if their rides arrive on time, they may be left waiting for hours for return trips home.

By providing patients with professional, caring transportation services, the company offers a “white glove” experience for clients who may be experiencing stressful periods in their lives.


As a new transportation service, the company needed to overcome typical logistics challenges from the start. In order to provide responsive services in a highly mobile industry, the transport company needed productivity tools to assist their drivers and dispatchers.


AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk (Enhanced PTT) and rugged smartphones helped enable drivers to quickly and efficiently exchange information with the dispatcher. By allowing the driver and dispatcher to communicate instantly, they can easily

By allowing the driver and dispatcher to communicate instantly, they can easily accommodate rapid changes to routes and schedules. The company can save time by making an announcement to all of their drivers at the same time – for example, to alert them of a traffic situation.Saving time, even a few minutes per

Saving time, even a few minutes per trip can mean big gains in productivity. Time is money, and mobile devices can help your workforce perform their jobs quicker and more accurately, communicate more easily, and better respond to customer needs.

See how AT&T Enhanced PTT can streamline your business to keep it running smart, fast, and lean.

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